Add capacity factor or full load hour constraint in oemof

Hey everybody,

I want to know from your experience in oemof whether it is possible to add or define a constraint for the minimal capacity factor or minimal full load hours for an transformer component in oemof solph. For example a minimal capacity factor of 50% for an electrolyzer to produce hydrogen based on renewable electricity.
It would be great if there is an example of that case.

Thank you in advance

Hi @jess, there is a keyword argument summed_min (for Flows) that models minimal full load hours. (It will be renamed to full_load_time_min in the v0.5 release, to make that more clear.)

PS: There is a beta release solph v0.5.0b1 at PyPI. The corresponding flow API reference names the argument full_load_time_min.

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Thank you so much @pschoen