About filling missing storage capacities for existing pumped hydropower facilities

Hello everyone!

I’d like to hear your opinion on common approaches taken to estimate missing data for existing pumped hydropower facilities in Europe (or any other place).

Current datasets (e.g., GitHub - energy-modelling-toolkit/hydro-power-database: JRC Hydro-power plants database, GitHub - PyPSA/powerplantmatching: Set of tools to combine multiple power plant databases, Pumped Storage Tracking Tool: International Hydropower Association) are usually quite complete when it comes to the capacity (MW) of existing facilities… but the actually important bit of storage capacity (MWh) is usually full of holes.

A brief search did not return any established methods to do this for highly resolved brownfield models (PyPSA, Calliope, etc). Which approaches have you seen?

I found the same problem modelling the Italian energy system and at the end I searched individually for each single plant the data I needed. I don’t know if it can help you but I created an open database for Italian power plants made with all open-source data available at Italian Hydropower Programmable Plants Database .

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This fantastic, thank you! This is actually for a model of Italy that one student is working on, so it’s a perfect fit.

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