A tool for extracting FERC's XBRL data to SQLite

If anybody here works on modeling the financial side of things in the US, Catalyst has finally released a v1.0 of our tool for converting the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s new XBRL data into a SQLite databases which are much, much easier to work with if you’re trying to do bulk analysis.

It’s meant primarily to consume the periodic snapshots we take of FERC’s RSS feeds of individual filings and their XBRL taxonomies that we archive on Zenodo but it can also consume a random directory of filings and access the live taxonomy from FERC’s website.

The new XBRL derived databases haven’t hit our nightly build outputs or Datasette deployment yet since we’re still integrating the new inputs (and 2022 data!) into our ETL process, but keep an eye on this PR if you’re interested.

And please let us know if you find this kind of data useful!