Projects with open source data and or models

Hi all,

I am opening this topic to list projects, which I come across, which have either open source or open data content of some sort. If the topic exists elsewhere on the forum, please let me know and I will transfer the content there.

Please feel free to add the models you come across to this list.
My aim is, in the long run, to document those projects and models and add them to the list on the open modelling wiki page.


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  • EU CALC :
    EU project. The European Calculator aims to provide decision makers with a highly accessible, user-friendly, dynamic modelling solution to quantify the sectoral energy demand, greenhouse gas (GHG) trajectories and social implications of lifestyles and energy technology choices in Europe.

  • Medeas
    MEDEAS “Modelling the Energy Development under Environmental And Socioeconomic constraints” aims to create a new computational model that will define the future of the energy system in Europe, taking into account physical as well as social constraints. MEDEAS will develop an advanced modelling tool to create, modify and test new and existing policies which could support the transition to a more sustainable European Energy system, based on renewable energy sources.

Here are projects where RLI is involved.

H2020 LCE21 projects have a small open focus:

  • Reflex
  • Set-NAV

Most models from these projects were collected in a model matrix and have been added to the Framework- or Model-Factsheet on the OEP.

German projects:

  • open_eGo
  • open_FRED
  • oemof_heat
  • SzenarienDB

I learned about PyEPLAN modelling tool today in the CRESUM-HYRES Workshop (

They are on pypi but the link to their homepage is dead:
Their github is here:

This is maybe less about modelling and more about managment/operation of an energy system, but it is nevertheless open-source (the backend code is licensed under AGPL and the UI is licensed under EPL)

with a python wrapper

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