How oemof solve the nonconvex part with simplex algorithm based solver like 'CBC', 'Gurobi', etc

Hi, dear oemof developers,

I am a user of oemof since last year, I use it for modeling a hybrid energy system, which is composed of several diesel generators and Solar PV power plant. The system is storage-less designed, so the optimal solution is therefore derived from the combination of diesel genrators according to the PV production and grid demand.
The main idea is to obtain a best combination with minimum operating cost, which is actually a unit commitment problem.

I have a question on how Oemof handle the nonconvex part of a diesel generator, such as the status of the generators (on/off), which is integer programming. And we can use simplex algorithm (specified for linear programming and convex problem) to solve it and obtain a optimal solution.

If my description is not clear enough, please let me know.

All answers and advices are appreciated.

Maybe the OffsetTransformer is what you are searching for.

Thank you for your reply ! @uwe.krien

I have actually been using OffsetTransformer for a while, I can use it but I am not so sure that I have well understood the principle of this part.
I use Oemof for my PhD work, so I would like to understand how do you develop this nonconvex part.

I will keep searching and take a deeper look in the source code, thanks.

Since we recently do have some trouble with the references, you should use an older version of the documentation (e.g. 0.4.1).

Constraints of non convex flow

Constraints of OffsetTransformer

Thank you for the precision !
I have updated to the version 0.4.1 of Oemof, but it creates some conflicts with other library in my environment. So I am actually using an even older version 0.3.2, it works correctly for the moment.

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