Hourly resolved data of heat demand in private households (for Germany)

Dear researcher,

I am working currently on the project DemandRegio (“Harmonisierung und Entwicklung von Verfahren zur regionalen und zeitlich aufgelösten Modellierung von Energienachfragen”).

The aim of our project is to develope approaches for modeling the electricity and heat demand with a high temporal (at least hourly) and spatial resolution (district associations) in Germany.

Right now we are in need of thermal load data:
Data for different types of buidlings or types of households with the temporal resolution of at least one hour would be benefitial for us. Do you know, where I can receive such data sets?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Kind regards

Hello @SimBu87 Try searching this forum for “thermal”. One potential topic (thread that is) covers thermal demand profiles. Else post your question to the mailing list. HTH.

Dear Simon,

quoting Robbie I suggest you to have a look at that thread and to its prosecution at the last OpenMod workshop in Zurich (reviewing approaches for thermal loads modelling). If you are interested in profiles for Germany then you are very lucky, because the demandlib (mentioned in the two threads with the related documentation) allows to have those data based on empirical correlations derived for a large class of German buildings.


An upcoming conference might be of interest:

Dear Simon,

kind of a late reply, but I hope still useful: In our projects we use the above mentioned BDEW method of standard load profiles implemented in the demandlib (http://demandlib.readthedocs.io/) to get timeseries of heat loads. For the annual demands in each building category we use data from Zensus 2011 and data from Dena/IWU for the heat demand per area.

This tool by IWU, Tabula, and the data it relies on, provides detailled information on the different building types. It does not seem to have a license: http://www.iwu.de/index.php?id=205

I am interested in how to improve the existing methods, so please contact me if you want to discuss!

Best, Jann

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