Grenoble workshop 26–28 March 2024: planning

This topic gathers together preliminary information for the upcoming Grenoble‑2024 workshop in Grenoble, France. The core programme runs from 26–28 March 2024 — with further attendance on the afternoons of 25 March and 28 March being optional. Scroll down for the provisional agenda. This page will be updated as needed.

The event will be free of charge.

Indication of interest

If thinking of attending, can you fill out this pre‑registration form before Thursday 7 December 2023:

Please note that this form is to help with the organization. It does not create a registration for you.

Venue and host

The venue and host is:

And for the afternoon of Monday 25 March only:

Accommodation options

The city of Grenoble is not huge, we would recommend you to choose your accommodation in the city center close to the B tram (typically between the stops “Île verte” and “Cité Internationale”, but closer to “Île verte” as we will spend the week on the eastern campus). The C tram can also bring you to the eastern campus. Moreover, city bikes can be booked for a few days at (select EN from menu):

Travel options

See the links of the MaCI and GreEn-ER buildings for direct access. From Germany and Austria, you can join with the night trains:

  • directly to Paris and then a 3 hour train journey from Paris to Grenoble
  • via Basel, Switzerland and then from Basel to Grenoble

Note these transport sites as well:

Provisional agenda

Monday 25 March 2024 — Thursday 28 March 2024

Slot Mon 25 Tue 26 Wed 27 Thu 28
Morning 1 Introduction Keynote 1 Keynote 2
Morning 2 Lightning 1 Lightning 2 Closing session
Afternoon 1 Visit: Grenoble Presqu’île Posters Breakout 2 Visit: Livet‑et‑Gavet 
Afternoon 2 Visit: Grenoble Presqu’île Breakout 1 Breakout 3 Visit: Livet‑et‑Gavet
Evening Bastille hike Social event

Call for participation

A lightning talk is a very short presentation of your topic in 2–5 minutes. The aim is to provide some key information to the community or introduce your work to provoke informal discussions later on.

A breakout group is a session of 1.5–3,0 hours dedicated to a particular topic. It can take several forms including tutorials, trainings, brainworks, etc and feel free to propose your own format!

You are also welcome to suggest a short social activity alongside the event — typically before the first morning slot or at the end of the day. This can include, for instance, meditation, stretching, walking, debating, etc.

Local visits

The visits to Grenoble Presqu’île will include (subject to confirmation):

  • The GreEn-ER (Grenoble Energy Research and Teaching) building, which is an innovative building with low energy consumption, self‑energy production, and monitoring. It hosts energy research facilities, including a living lab, and has a strong commitment to open science.

  • The LNCMI (National Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields), which is working on solutions to utilize its excess heat, provide flexibility to the power system, and is generally involved in sustainability issues as they relate to energy-intensive research facilities.

  • The ABC residential building, designed to achieve a high level of autonomy in energy and water consumption.

  • The CEA-LITEN research center, including a research platform on batteries for mobility applications, and a platform on hydrogen production and storage.

The visit to Livet-et-Gavet (also to be confirmed) will focus on the historically and technologically rich hydro‑power plant. The plant is located next to the Grand’Maison dam, the biggest pumped storage facility in France. Transport will be by chartered bus.


Lunches and coffee/tea/juice breaks will be provided at no cost. All meal options will be vegetarian/vegan. The social event will include a dinner — which may be covered by the event organizers, depending on the available budget.