Books and reading material for energy system modelling and simulation

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I am extremely new to the domain of energy system modelling and simulation. I was wondering if anyone can suggest some good books and reading materials to enhance my knowledge about energy system modelling. I have modeled thermal systems in EES before and have a decent idea about the syntax etc of Python.

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Hello Abhinav. As far as I am aware, no one has written a book on energy modeling. I contribute to wikipedia and the following pages have quite reasonable reference sections to comb through. There are quite a range of modeling paradigms applied to energy system analysis, but the openmod community has largely settled on engineering optimization models as its mainstay. So your background with EES should fit well, but you may need to read up on linear programming as well. HTH, Robbie.

Thanks for your comment. IYou are right , I need to go through the concepts of linar Algebra and optimization methods.

I want to model energy intensive industries and the effect of industrial energy efficiency measures ( waste heat recovery etc) on the overall energy system. One possibility is to look at the energy intensive industries as a means to balance the grid (change in production patterns to suit generation). I wanted to learn the basics so that I can initiate the modelling process with managable abstraction levels.

Any suggestions or guidance would be extremely helpful.


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