Analysis of nodes parameters with outputlib


I would like to analyze nodes parameters after the optimization by means of the param_results method in outputlib.processing, but I get the error:

AttributeError: module 'oemof.outputlib.processing' has no attribute 'param_results'

why do I get such error even if the method is actually in the script?


Could you provide more information.

For me it works like this:

from oemof import outputlib
param_dict = outputlib.processing.param_results(my_valid_energysystem)

I solved it…

I had installed the oemof version 0.2 and the command didn’t work (I had written it correctly). I updated to v0.2.2 and it worked.

Be aware that it is renamed from param_results to parameter_as_dict (as parameters are no results but input values). Both will work until v0.3 but you should use parameter_as_dict to avoid warnings and problems in the future.

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