An open energy system analysis community

This thread is to discuss the formation of a separate community to bridge between civil society organizations (CSOs) requiring analysis and the open energy system modeling community and similar endeavors.

To list prior topics (forum threads) on this question, search on the ngo-bridge tag.

The top‑level domain name  is now registered to Brad Venner in Denver, Colorado, USA. There is no website there as yet.

There is clearly some planning to do, but let me put three suggestions on the table, in order of implementation:

  1. an infrastructure roadmap
  2. a brokerage service for CSOs to outline their analytical needs and the scenarios they would like to explore and for interested modeling teams to respond
  3. the selection of two model frameworks and accompanying datasets for Europe to get the ball rolling

Roles and skills

I regularly get asked if non‑modelers can be expected to run models. I believe they can.

The minimum skill level to run most of the engineering rich python models is a knowledge of:

The following diagram (release 07 with the Inkscape source available below) indicates one way of separating roles. It is intended as a starting point for discussion rather than set in stone.

Please note the diagram was previously uploaded as release 05 but the changes are minor.

futures-and-systems-views-diagram.07.svg.tgz (9.8 KB)


opensay community forum

A new opensay forum was created yesterday 28 January 2020. The site is under construction and registrations will be accepted from 7 February 2020 onward — after the license consent dialog, GDPR policy, About page, and related documentation have been added. My thanks to @bvenner in Denver, Colorado for helping establish the site.

Here is a filer is anyone wants to publicize the launch date of Friday 7 February 2020.

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